Apply Now: Top Escoffier Scholarship in 2022

About Escoffier Scholarship Foundation

Different Escoffier Culinary Schools Scholarships

  • Merit-based scholarships test applicants based on academic excellence or culinary skills.
  • Scholarships based on need are awarded to students with lower incomes to help them fill their gap in financial aid.
  • Special scholarships are awarded to students who participate in or win culinary excellence contests.
  • Some are only available to those who meet specific personal criteria, such as active duty veterans, military personnel, single parents, certain ethnic or racial groups, or residents or belong to an LGBTQ or LGBTQ+ community.

Advantages of Escoffier Scholarship Escoffier Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements For Escoffier scholarship

Apply Now: Top Escoffier Scholarship in 2022
  • You can sign up at campus at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts residence or the online campus.
  • Complete all of the necessary Financial Aid documents.
  • Should anticipate a need.
  • Maintain a 2.0 or above GPA in the first semester or for an existing student.
  • Fill out your Escoffier Scholarship Foundation application form using the following 250 to 350 words.
  • Define why you’re eager to continue your education and are drawn to work in the hospitality or culinary industry.
  • If you can, provide the details of your prior experiences in the baking, hospitality, pastry arts, service, or retail industries.

Top Escoffier scholarship

Merit-Based Culinary School Scholarships

1. James Beard Foundation Scholarships

  • Friends of James Beard: Cash grants are used to pay for school tuition and other expenses.
  • James Beard School Awards: Scholarships to pay for tuition offered by culinary schools.
  • Professional chefs’ grant: Financial aid for those working in the field of cooking to further their education through experience in the areas of fisheries, farms, and wineries, in addition to other locations to produce food.

2. National Restaurant Association Education Foundation Scholarships (NRAEF)

3. ProStart® for Students

4. Direct NRAEF Scholarships

5. Named NRAEF Scholarships

6. State Restaurant Association Scholarships

7. American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Scholarships

8. The Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarship

9. The Trotter Project Homaro Cantu Scholarship

Need-Based Culinary Scholarships

School-Specific Culinary Scholarships

1. Food Dreams Scholarship

2. The Trotter Project Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship

Competition-Based Culinary Scholarships

1. National ProStart Invitational®

2. Family Career Community Leadership of America

3. SkillsUSA

4. Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP)

Personal Circumstance and Location-Specific Culinary Scholarships

Veteran & Military Scholarships

Location-Specific Scholarships

Demographic-Based Scholarships

Employer-Based Scholarships

Deadlines for Escoffier Scholarship



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