Apply Now: NLU scholarships 2022–2023

About National Louis University

Brief Description about NLU Scholarships

  • Organization or University: National Louis University
  • Course Level: Undergraduate degree
  • Access Mode: Online
  • The Nationality of the User: International
  • Financial Coverage: It is a loan
  • The United States gives the award
  • Deadline for applications: to be checked by the university

About NLU Scholarships


NLU scholarships

Eligibility Criteria for NLU International Fresh Start Scholarship

  • International students can apply for an F1 student visa.
  • You must be a first-time freshman (completed not more than 20 semester hours or 30 quarter hours of college-level coursework)
  • I should be in the process of completing a course that NLU’s Undergraduate College offers
  • It is required to be a first-time NLU student who is beginning your NLU course on campus either at either the Chicago campus or the Wheeling campus
  • Students can only receive one NLU resource per academic year.
  • NLU scholarships are used to pay tuition and are not refundable to the student.
  • Students must remain in their full-time status (14+ credits per term) and must be enrolled continuously (Summer optional)
  • Students must keep an average GPA of 2.0
  • Students must follow their university’s policies and maintain their F1 status to continue eligible for NLU scholarships.

How to Apply for This National Louis University Scholarships

  • To apply for admission, use the NLU’s online application. Click Here
  • The scholarship will be automatically transferred to students’ accounts when they are accepted into their program if they meet the first Time Freshman requirements and register for On-Campus classes at Chicago and Wheeling.

Deadline for Applications



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